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A few words about us

Bohema Vintage was created to promote second-hand fashion and conscious purchasing choices that are environmentally friendly.

By offering second-hand clothes and accessories, we protect them from being thrown in landfills and give them a new life.
Our goal is for more and more people to learn that second-hand shopping is simple, easily accessible and, above all, friendly to our planet.

Many people already know how much the fast fashion industry contributes to environmental pollution. However, is each of us aware that we also have an influence on it? Consumer decisions have a real impact on the activities of clothing brands and it also depends on us. what the fashion industry will look like in 10 or 20 years.

We believe that we are participating in the fashion revolution together!


Vintage can be fashionable!

With our photos and stylizations, we try to show that vintage items do not have to evoke the decade they come from. Older garments combined with contemporary wardrobe items or they can perfectly fit in with contemporary trends . 

The hidden message of BE VINTAGE in the name BOHEMA VINTAGE is to inspire vintage wear every day.


Who we are?

Ela and Magda - we opened the Vintage Shop Online for you in the spring of 2021, which initially only operated on Instagram, and after about a year, it moved to the online platform. We both professionally deal with photography and try to take inspiring photos of the clothes offered in our store.

Our long-term love of second-hand shopping and mutual friendship has turned into a project that allows us to pursue our passions and promote second-hand fashion. 

Our second-hand interest in ecology and fashion started innocently, thanks to our mothers who took us to second-hand shops when they were still a kid.

We have been wearing vintage clothes for many years now, because we believe that the quality of clothes made more than 20 years ago is much better than those made in recent years.

What we offer?

The store offers carefully selected vintage clothes and accessories.

For the most part, they are made of natural materials, but we also give a chance to artificial fabrics of better quality, especially if they have a unique cut or pattern.

We try to make the entire assortment of our store consist of items dated for a minimum of 20 years, because this is what it takes for a given item to be called "Vintage". The exceptions are items from the 2000s,
who are about 15-22 years old and it is difficult to accurately determine their age.

Carefully selected clothes and accessories available in our store come from second-hand shops, we do not order clothes "for bags"
or "per kilograms", thus taking care of the environment and not generating additional waste.


In what condition are clothes and accessories sold in the store?

All items sold are in very good or perfect condition.
If an item has any defects, such as stains or holes, we add this information to the item description.

The clothes available for sale are washed or dry-cleaned, and the accessories are ozonated . 

All products in our store come from secondary circulation.
Sometimes we offer new things, but then they are vintage pearls bought in a second-hand store that have been exceptionally preserved
with a tag, never worn.


How do we ship your orders? 

For the sake of the environment, we do not use plastic to pack your orders. What's more, we pack orders in cartons made of at least 73% recycled or in second-cycle cartons.
We use paper tape to secure the package and stick the label, and the labels are printed on 100% recycled paper.

Each order is shipped within 3 business days from the payment of the order (usually it is 1 business day).
If you need to receive your package quickly, please feel free to contact us. We will make every effort to send the order by express.


When buying at Bohema Vintage:

  • You take care of the environment,

  • You promote second-hand fashion,

  • You support a pro-ecological closed-loop economy,

  • You inspire others to wear vintage clothes,

  • You give new life to forgotten clothes,

  • You support micro-entrepreneurs,

  • You save by paying many times less than for a new item of the same quality.

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